Wear Trials – The Process


Wear trials are a great way to prevent workplace related hand injuries . Below, we describe the process of a wear trial, and what we can do for you:

Phase 1: Hazard Assessment

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Why Do You Need A Cut Level Glove?


Workplace hand injuries are the leading  cause of lost workdays and emergency visits around the world. From minor injuries to life-threatening ones, these can cost an employer time, money and stress while their employee is out on leave. Not only that, but the situation can be life-changing for the employee. read more →

Cut Level Gloves – Which One Should You Be Wearing?


Learn about different cut levels of safety gloves, and which ones would fit your needs best. read more →

Types of Respiratory Protective Equipment

Airline Respirator

Learn About Respiratory Protective Equipment

Learning what type of Respiratory Protective Equipment to use in certain environments will provide you with optimal protection, and keep you and your employees safe. read more →