Wear trials are a great way to prevent workplace related hand injuries . Below, we describe the process of a wear trial, and what we can do for you:

Phase 1: Hazard Assessment

  •         We analyze what hazards are present in your work place. We create a list of possible hazards, and determine what type of damage they can do to an unprotected hand.  Would they make a long cut, a puncture, or a pinch and smash?
  •         From there, we analyze how much protection is needed. For example, impact hazards may need a glove with a back-of-hand impact protection. Would you need heat protection or chemical exposure protection?
  •         We would then analyze how much dexterity is needed. If employees are fumbling with the objects they are working with while using their gloves, they will most likely take their gloves off to work with the object. We make sure we can find a glove that they are comfortable with while handling products.
  •         We also analyze where the job is being performed to make sure that the gloves do not get uncomfortable in a warm climate.
  •         We then make sure that we identify any materials that may cause corrosion, and find a glove that offers longevity in the work environment.

Identify The Applications     

  •         We look to find the best glove for the work being done that is comfortable, offers sufficient protection and dexterity for the day-to-day activites of your employees.
  •         Although a one-glove solution is ideal, sometimes finding just one glove for the applications of your employees is not possible. We determine if more than one glove is appropriate for the different applications for your business.

Audit Your Current Glove

  •         We will audit your current glove to determine what is working, and what is not working with your glove. We ask what your employees like about the current glove, and what they dislike. We identify any trade-offs between the old and new glove.

Select your Trial Crew

  •         We select your trial crew who are willing to thoughtfully analyze the trial gloves and give constructive feedback.

Collect and Review the Data

  •         Once the trial crew gives written reivews of the gloves, we will collect that feedback, as well as the trial gloves and analyze the trial gloves for wear and tear as well as gather verbal feedback from the trial crew.

Develop Final Glove Specifications

  •         Once the data is collected and reviewed, the wear trial specialist suggests a glove and their applications.

If you are interested in a wear trial, please call 262.490.9400 for details about the trials, or visit our wear trial page for more details.